Albert Ramoneda and Carola Closa invested individually in their professional training in different areas related to the world of design, art, fashion and architecture. They created ACMUDA in 2015.

ACMUDA, enters the world of design providing a unique and personal creation to each project. His designs in interior design are based on preserving the essence of each place, its history and sensations in order to create a unique atmosphere. In their projects the treatment of light, color, the combination of materials and textures is essential. The final result should be timeless, emphasizing their basic rule in design “what is not fashionable doesn’t run out of style.”

Albert Ramoneda Ruatg
Window Design and Visual Merchandesign – ARTIDI
Interior Design – EINA

Carola Closa Farré
Retail Managment – EADA
Social media marketing – UAL